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Configuring Group Policies for your ConfigMgr Servers

Disclaimer: Please test and validate this in your test environment, don’t take the information i provide for granted. This article describes a method to determine correct settings and doesn’t supply the answer to your specific environment !

When you are installing System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) in environments where group policies are used to control the User Rights Assignment and Security Options security settings of the Servers, you have to be extra carefull.

You can expect some strange behavior after the installation because when the companies policy is applied again, it removes some entries made by either the prerequisite installation (roles and features) and installation of ConfigMgr itself, and this can result in some interesting scenario’s. Therefore my advise would be:

If you know the environment in which you are going to install ConfigMgr in, has a lot of restricing group policies make sure you do the installation of ConfigMgr while the servers are member of an OU with minimal policies applied.

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Now available: System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Unleashed

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Unleashed, the book on Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager is now generally available for purchase through Amazon and other shops.

I contributed two chapters to this book, and feel really honored to be part of the excellent line up of writers and contributors. I’ve written Chapter 9 on Client Management and Appendix B on extending Hardware Inventory.

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (SCCM) Unleashed

Topics Covered in Chapter 9 include:

    • Discovery
    • ConfigMgr Client Requirements
    • ConfigMgr Client Installation
    • Client Assignment
    • Client Health
    • Client Settings
    • Using the Resource Explorer
    • Wake on LAN

Topics Covered in Appendix B: Extending Hardware Inventory include:

    • How to extend Hardware Inventory
    • Example of Extending Inventory
    • Creating A Device Collection

Currently I already implemented several ConfigMgr 2012 and I must say I’m very pleased about the new Application Model and the new opportunities customers have for deploying applications.

I want to thank Kerrie Meyler who was the lead author for giving me this opportunity, and Steve Rachui for his technical review. And of course all the other Authors and Contributors for their feedback.