Note: I’ve already posted this article a while ago, but since my ex-employer decided to whipe the whole website without asking me if I would like a backup it got lost. Therefore i decided to place it here again. Note that this is still valid for ConfigMgr 2012 installations, i’ve modified the article to reflect that.

The System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) database can be installed on a clustered SQL Server, some things work different though compared to installing ConfigMgr on a normal SQL server installation, and you should be aware of them before starting your installation.

To summarize in front, what you should take into account before starting your installation:

  1. Make sure that the SQL administrators are aware that during installation extra righs are needed and that after installation the Site server must stay local administrator on the cluster nodes
  2. Make sure that the SQL administrators are aware of the fact that ConfigMgr will install a service on the Cluster Nodes, which is used for creating the backup using VSS
  3. Make sure that each shared cluster disk contains a no_sms_on_drive.sms file on the disk
  4. Configure the Site Backup tasks, so that it is either configured to backup to an UNC path or a drive which is suitable for storing the backup files on both the site server and the cluster nodes using the “Different Paths for the Site Backup and Database backup” option

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