Today, a customer contacted me with a very strange issue while installing a new Site System Server in his System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager environment. While adding a new Site System (in this case a distribution point) on the Distribution Point page of the Create Site System Server Wizard the customer got the following error on the Create a self-signed certificate or import a PKI client certificate part. clip_image002 The first thing we checked in order to troubleshoot this was the SMSAdminUI.log file which can be found in the <ConfigMgr Install Directory>\AdminConsole\AdminUILog folder. image Even though the log also displayed errors it still wasn’t clear what the exact issue was: “Error retrieving object FileType=2” After doing some troubleshooting in the environment though we noticed that the account running the Create Site System Server Wizard was logged on with a temporary profile, which was suspicious. So we solved this issue first and then the Create Site System Server Wizard successfully was able to create the distribution point. Seems like some information in a normal profile is needed in order to execute this successfully. Hope this helps..