Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we (the Windows Management User Group Netherlands) were forced to move our activities to virtual events, which we call WMUG_NL Tuesdays Webinars.

The last couple of week we already held two webinars, the first one, on Tuesday April 21 was a session about how to maximize Windows 10 and ConfigMgr network performance presented by Johan Arwidmark. If you missed this webinar, no problem since we have a recording available on our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure. You can find the recording here: WMUG NL Tuesdays webinar featuring Johan Arwidmark.

Yesterday (May 5th 2020) we had another webinar on the topic “Microsoft 365 Security in the real world” presented by Michael van Horenbeeck, for this webinar we now also have the recording available on our YouTube channel, and you can find that recording here: “WMUG NL Tuesdays webinar featuring Michael van Horenbeeck

For next week Tuesday (May 12th) we have another great speaker lined up. This time Mirko Colemberg will talk about “Desktop Analytics: The new Swiss Army knife for your Windows as a service solution“.

The webinar will start at 16:00 CEST (Amsterdam time zone), please click here to find out how late the webinar will start in your time zone. You can join the webinar by signing up at our Meetup page, where after registration you will find the link for the webinar.